Terms of engagement

Terms of Engagement

  1. Amber Marketing & Events will make no charge for their venue finding and booking services to you as the Client.  Provided Amber Marketing & Events confirms your booking to the venue any charges under these circumstances will be paid by the venue.
  2. Amber Marketing & Events is paid a small commission by the venue for introducing your business.  Prices quoted by the venues are not increased by the venues to Amber Marketing & Events to allow for any commission.
  3. The large volume of business which Amber Marketing & Events introduces to venues ensures the lowest rates possible are passed on to you.
  4. We will select appropriate venues in line with your brief and send you detailed information and availability and will hold the space on your behalf.
  5. After confirmation of the booking, any on-going communication/ transactions may be made directly between yourselves and the venue.
  6. We work diligently on your behalf at all times and always put your requirements first.

To take advantage of our no fee service we ask you to do the following:

  • So that we can continue to offer a free of charge service and keep delivering high quality venue searches, we ask that you use our service fairly and abide by the following terms:
  • Inform us of any venues you are in contact with or are already provisionally holding so that we do not contact them.
  • Provide us with as much detailed information on your requirements as possible
  • Use Amber Marketing & Events exclusively for your venue finding.  Using additional agencies will only cause confusion and is a waste of time and energy for all parties concerned, which includes you the Client.  It will also give an inflated perception to the venue of the market which will result in increased rates.  If you are preparing to use another agency/company member we ask you to disclose this to us at the enquiry stage.
  • Inform Amber Marketing & Events as soon as possible if you find your own venue or the event is cancelled/postponed.
  • Confirm your booking through Amber Marketing & Events.
  • By engaging our services to search for venues, you are under no obligation to go ahead with any of our proposed venues.  All we ask is that if you do like one of them and decide to hold your event there, you confirm the booking through us.
  • Whilst we will do our best to ensure the accuracy of our work, it is your responsibility to check all correspondence issued by the venue and make any changes or amendments as necessary.
  • Rates quoted are based on the number of delegates in the proposal, should these decrease or increase considerably the Venue will reserve the right to recalculate their charges to reflect this change.
  • Amber Marketing & Events will not be responsible for any payment to Venues.

If you do not then:

  • In the event you book one of the recommended Amber Marketing & Events venues direct or via another agency then Amber Marketing & Events will invoice you for the value of the anticipated commission, payable on receipt of invoice.  These terms and conditions apply even if the event requirements or date should change.
  • If Amber Marketing & Events proposes a venue you have already been in contact with directly or via another agent and you did not inform Amber Marketing & Events beforehand, it will be considered a breach of these Terms of Engagement and Amber Marketing & Events will invoice you for the full value of its anticipated commission, payable on receipt of invoice.

When you have submitted your initial enquiry via email or telephone, you have accepted our Terms of Engagement.

Amber Marketing & Events is an accredited member of IATA

We are also registered with the Hotel Booking Agents’ Association (HBAA) and The Alliance of Independent Events Agencies (AIEA).

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